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Since 1988, NTN has been a leader in making television, movies, and educational programming accessible to our nation's 13 million people who are blind and visually impaired and their families.


A Sampling of NTN's Audience Mail



NTN has received thousands of letters from both visually impaired and fully sighted people who enjoy the benefits of narrated programming.  Here's just a sample...


(Letter translated from Braille)
March 25, 2008

"Dear Mr. Stovall:

"My name is Hannah.  I am eleven years old and in the sixth grade.  My family and I have listened to your movie, The Ultimate Gift.  It is a good movie, and my sisters and I talk about it all the time.

"I am blind, so it is a real benefit to have description.  I wish that audio description was as popular as sound caption.  I hope that description becomes more in use in the near future.  I have heard many wonderful things about you.  I have heard that you have made public presentations, and you are a well-known speaker.  You are inspiring me to want to do things for my community.  I wonder what it is like to make a difference in the lives of your friends and family as well as the public.  Thank you for making the world a better place for the blind.  I admire you for being willing to help the blind, not only the people you know but also the ones that you don't know.

"I look forward to hearing from you soon."



"I am one of the 13 million blind people in the United States that you talked about. While the narration in your movies does not replace my eyesight, it does make it possible for my wife and I again to watch movies."
J. Kinne
Hendersonville, NC


"My friend is writing for me. I am blind. I am employed teaching self-advocacy to the physically challenged. Never in my career have I been so pleased about anything as I am about NTN. Your dialogue allows the unsighted to really understand every little nuance that until now could only be enjoyed by those with sight. A whole new world has been opened to us."
P. Killius
Syracuse, NY


"I have been blind for over 25 years. Until experiencing your narrative movies, I had no idea of how much was missing from my life. For the most part, movies have held no interest for me due to my inability to follow the visual clues that are so important to understanding the plot. Please help people understand how important narrative programming is to the visually impaired, and how badly it is needed."
R. Dolan
Shreveport, LA


"I am one of many that enjoy your shows. Ever since I went blind I was wishing that someone would come up with something like this . . . . Keep up the good work."


"I’ve just discovered your channel and enjoy the freedom of being able to do chores while having the narrator keep me on track with the nuances of the plot."
J. Anderson
Fairfax, VA


"I am not visually impaired . . . but I enjoy the narrative very much. Probably because I mostly LISTEN to TV while I enjoy needlepoint!"
H. Turner
Youngstown, FL


"What a wonderful idea your channel is! Much admiration for putting together a greatly needed entertainment package."
P. Laffoon
Santa Cruz, CA


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